How to avoid spending more money than you need to on countertops

This fancy showroom is a good place to visit and look around, but fancy showrooms are expensive and they will substantially increase the price of your countertops. Fancy showrooms and “Big Box” stores are all going to charge you at least double for the same countertops. Commission Salespeople will also drive up the cost of your new countertops.

You want the highest quality stone and the best workmanship, but you don’t need to spend twice as much to get it.

Fancy showrooms and commission salespeople can double the price you pay for your new countertops.

You pay less when you deal direct with the fabricator- we are the fabricator and we do not use commission sales-people.

There is also the usual sales and marketing trickery that can increase your price.  Some Jacksonville granite shops and “big-box” stores will advertise a low-low price, but then “oops” they are sold out of those colors, or only have ugly colors that no one wants at that price.

Another trick is to offer a low-low price, but then charge extra for lots of “extras” that really aren’t extra.  Some fabricators are charging up to $350 for “extra” under-mount sink cutouts.  Pure profit.  Or they are charging extra for tear-out, electrical outlets,  faucet holes, etc. Of course people are free to charge what they want, but just be sure to consider all of the “extra” charges when you are buying because what you think is a “good deal” may be a very bad deal.

We do not charge for”extras”.  We will quote you a low flat rate and it includes everything, including a free kitchen sink.

Another way you can pay more than you should is when you are unknowingly sold inferior “commercial grade” stone for your job, but paying the same price as higher quality stone.  There is a place for “commercial grade” stone, but it shouldn’t be your kitchen.  Commercial grade stone will not have a good luster on the polish, it can be pitted, it can develop rust spots, and if it was stored outdoors in the sunlight,  the resin sealant on it can be in the process of deteriorating, fading or pitting.  Your stone should be smooth, shiny, free of pits and have a high luster.

We do not try to make a few extra bucks by selling commercial-grade stone instead of standard high-quality stone.  All stone is not equal, and it is important that you have someone you trust who will be honest with you about the quality of stone you are buying.