Should I look at slabs before or after your quote?

Templates being taped to slabs to determine number of slabs needed and seam placement.

It is best to have us measure before you go looks at slabs, for several reasons.

Different kitchen cabinet configurations generate more cutting waste.  More cutting waste means you need more material.  If you want no seams, or if you want your seams in specific places, that will also affect how much stone you need.

That means just knowing how many actual square feet of countertop area you have does not give you the full picture of how much stone you need.

Slabs come in all kinds of different sizes and shapes.  The average slab will yield 50-55 sq ft of usable material  The average kitchen is 60 square feet.   Knowing how much stone you need will allow us to match your requirements to just the right size slab(s).  For example you may need just one large slab rather than two regular slabs- saving yourself a considerable amount of money.  In some cases even 2 small slabs will cost lest than one large slab.

Rocky will tell you how large and how many slabs you need to get the kitchen done the way you want and at the price you want.

So knowing what you need before you look can save you from selecting slabs that you liked, but weren’t the right size for your job.